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“Do it! Do it!”

“Beautiful experience.”

“If you're unsure about your sustainable future, start here!”


“So much more than a great course. More of a life shift.”

“Delivered expertly by passionate and knowledgeable tutors who couldn’t be more authentic”

“The psc enabled me to view myself much more authentically and empowered me will practical skill that i have gone on to utilise so to transform my life. “

“Truly inspirational course that has changed the way I think for good. I now have muddy hands, a happy heart and a head that will forever question the norms about me.”

“It was a transformative time for me and has led to new career opportunities, further learning and greater self-awareness.”

“The PSC is brilliant! This course will change your life!”

"This is a fantastic course with fantastic tutors."

“Creating a positive new direction for life.”

“A fantastic course. So many ways to change your life for the better.”

“This course is almost unique in its comprehensive coverage of the issues we face right now. It's practical, honest and serious but also great fun.”

“To my knowledge, there is no other educational experience quite as unique as that offered by Shift Bristol. It is inspiring, the scope of topics offered is incredible and the field trips are fantastic. I have learnt a lot and I am inspired to learn more!”

“The Practical Sustainability course is incredibly important in encouraging us to envisage a positive future, and how we can co-create it. It's a fun, safe, creative environment to learn and build confidence in facing huge issues from the personal to the global. It's been an immensely enriching experience being involved so far, and I'm looking forward to a shifted future.”

“It’s called the 'shift' course for a reason and more the inner shift than anything else. I now view my life in 2 parts: 'before shift' (BS) and 'after shift'!”

“The SHIFT PSC gives very good value for money for the student, it's a unique learning experience that enables a depth and breadth of knowledge to be accessed in an informal non-judgemental way. You should be very proud of what started out as a back of an envelope idea and is now a blueprint of how to run a first rate sustainability course on a shoe string with over 150 students benefiting from being involved and leading a richer and more informed life. Don't underestimate the true value of the SHIFT course, it is unique and something very special.”

“I work in research for the UCL Energy and Sustainable Resources Institute where I get to take an active part in current energy/ sustainability planning and have regular contact with climate and sustainability field leaders. The confidence and knowledge from the course definitely put me where I am today and has set me on a path which has shown me not only how to be more resilient but to want that resilience, imagination and drive to be shared in others.

The work I'm doing now has been reflected in the course, new research areas are widely based around what I learned at Shift.”