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The next Educators Unite gathering will be on Sept 15th 2024, 10am - 4pm (venue TBC). Register >HERE<

We aim to amplify our outreach and invitation, and welcome new faces, valuable perspectives, and experience into the movement. Please help us spread the word to those in your networks by signposting to this page.

There are two co-creation days planned, where we will design the gathering together. These co-creation days are a vital part of the process, where we need collective imagination and input.


- Friday July 19 : BASE, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JZ, 10-2.

- Monday Sept 2 : Venue TBC

10 - 2 each day, with the option to >zoom< in from 10.15, if you can't attend in-person. . Please let us know when/how you would like to be involved here.



On the 29th May, approx 40 of us arrived at the Pickle Factory for the first gathering of Educators Unite. We were a mix of those who teach, students, practitioners, and Bristol Commoners - many wearing several hats at once. 

Together, we travelled through the journey of the agenda (and even space at one point!) via a variety of participation invitations; designed to engage our heart, head and hands, and build energy and momentum throughout the day. 

There were lots of smiles, a few tears, open space discussions, news and idea sharing, introductions, focused thinking and reflection, and even a disco speed-mingle! 

By the end we had set the context for the EU movement, amassed our collective thoughts about the challenges we face, and captured our collective hopes for "Education" in the future. 

Most of what emerged during the event has now been uploaded to the Educators Unite Miro Board. This board is a space where we can continue to share, in-between gatherings (whilst we work on our online platform, more on that below). The invitation is for anyone to explore and contribute, like a giant pinboard!

The Three Horizons...

During the gathering participants were introduced to the ideas of the Three Horizons, as a framework for mapping the context of where we are now, and the vision of where we would like to get to. 

This is a useful tool for unpacking the pathways that need to happen within Horizon 2, in order to un-learn and leave behind the unhelpful/harmful characteristics, patterns and dogma of the Horizon 1; as we move towards, and co-create, a new Paradigm in Horizon 3. 

This model also enables us to get beyond the challenges of having ideas that seem unrealistic, plus the overwhelm of not knowing how to begin. 

News was shared about the strategic aims of the Bristol Commons; to act as a vehicle for growing the culture and praxis of commononing, and, to bring into community ownership the type of infrastructure and governance we may want and need in Horizon 3. 

The manifestations of the Bristol Commons may help to hold, resource, weave and bolster the work of Educators Unite, as much as Educators Unite may inform, skill-up, train, educate, connect and bolster the work within and of the Bristol Commons.

Within Horizon 3 we placed Manfred Max-Neef's Human-Scale Development framework - to help us think about what humans need to survive and thrive, and to consider their relation to Education.

On the Miro Board you can zoom into each of the Horizons and read everyone's thoughts and ideas - which has started to illuminate our starting point and some eventual goals.

What's next for Educators Unite?

Building on the momentum of the first gathering - having mapped the challenges and named the visions - we can now begin to explore how we may navigate through Horizon 2. 

At the next gathering we hope to identify the next steps and pathways forward. We hope to grow the Educators Unite movement in a way that is nourishing, sustainable, effective and resilient. We hope to discover what ideas people are excited by and gravitating towards, and discuss how as a movement we can support each other into turning those ideas into action. 

Also in the Pipeline....

An online space on the VIVE platform - launch date, Sept 2024. 

A platform to store contacts and resources, share news and signposting, host discussions and collaborate on new ideas, and importantly build our EU network in-between gatherings.