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Permaculture Course Installments

Permaculture Courses - Paying in Installments

We don't want lack of money or cashflow to be a limiting factor for people studying with us.

We are therefore expanding our flexibility for people to pay for course fees in installments.

The options are to pay course fees in 3 / 6 / 9 or 12 installments.

Steps for paying for course fees in installments:

  1. Book a "free" ticket on Eventbrite to register your booking on a course.
  2. Visit the Green Bottle Sliding Scale as a guide to deciding what tier of course fee you should pay (full, part-concessionary, or full-concessionary). We no longer ask people to prove which tier they fall into, and instead trust students to choose with honesty.
  3. Refer to the Installments Table below, and decide whether you would like to pay in 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 installments.
  4. Click HERE to find the correct GoCardless link to sign up to pay your course fees in installments.
  5. Due to the total course fees not neatly dividing into exact amounts, you may need to transfer a small amount of money by BAC transfer, to ensure you will pay all the fees*
  6. Please check the table for this amount and send to Shift Bristol CIC / SC 089299 / AN 65395284 using your name as reference.

This may feel like a really clunky process - especially if maths is your nemesis! If you would like support / guidance to complete this process please email We'll be happy to help.

Installments Table


By offering the option to pay in installments we are opening ourselves up to be vulnerable if people decide not to stop paying. If problems arise then we may need to withdraw this option.