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Confronting Change : within Shift Bristol

Shift Bristol is collaborating with Yassine Senghor, the founder of Confronting Change, to audit the container, culture and content of Shift Bristol’s educational provision. Yassine is an Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion specialist, with expertise in LGBT inclusion, creating anti-racist spaces and embedding inclusive practices through an intersectional lens.

Like Yassine, we believe that regardless of background, we are all impacted by oppressive systems, and that by encouraging accountability, self reflection and collaboration, we believe we can learn to overcome those systems and create a fairer existence for us all - within our classrooms, our communities, our social spheres and beyond.

As a Community Interest Company with a team of directors, advisors, facilitators, tutors and practitioners that are majoritively white, cis-gendered, able-bodied and neurotypical, we wish to explore and illuminate the biases and experiences of marginalization that we may not have an understanding or lived experience of.

We are inviting those who fall outside of those groups that traditionally hold power within our societies, to step up and share their experiences of studying or working with Shift Bristol, to help inform our practices. 

We have created the following questionnaire to fill in. We encourage you to be frank and share any difficult truths you feel we need to hear. Yassine will act as an external consultant, providing a level of confidentiality and anonymity for those taking part. It is only by collaborating with such honesty, that we can make tangible shifts in our attitudes, ideas and cultures, and take the measurable actions needed to manifest real change. 

Shift Bristol Inclusion Questionnaire

Deadline for Questionnaire feedback: Sept 30th 2024

On behalf of all of us working within and in collaboration with Shift Bristol, we thank you in advance for your time and attention given to this body of work.