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<<Use this link>> to register your details, and join hundreds of people who are telling us what they need, and what they can offer, in order to support regenerative job role development within the community.

E.g. Need: Someone to show me how to plan a crop rotation / Offer: Can teach someone how to use excel spreadsheets.

Be as specific as possible

We are developing a platform where we can publish these details, alongside a Resource Report created from the information gleaned during the Proper Job event.

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Our first ever 'Proper Job' happened on the 20th Oct 2023.

It combined a careers fair, a knowledge exchange, and a networking event for anyone interested in building livelihoods within Bristol's circular economy.

Shift Bristol has been teaching and observing students through our Practical Sustainability Cources and Permaculture Design Courses for over 20 years. We know that we can only take students so far along a development pathway before they embark on applying their newly found skills, make connections within networks, and attempt to carve out a livelihood for themselves. We feel many of those pathways are often not clearly defined, obvious, and quite often come down to a lucky break. Proper Job was designed to help illuminate pathways and identify what helps and what hinders people.

Proper Job was the first stage in a much larger piece of work on this topic; aiming to bridge the gaps in our collective knowledge and understanding, and begin to build strategies alongside the Bristol Commons to support collaborative action and overcome barriers that stand in our way.

We know that at all stages along the development pathway people need support from the ecosystem, and they also have things to offer. This balance of exchange is what creates opportunities for growth and support, sharing and interdependence, investment and regeneration within the local community. This is what leads us on the successional pathway of becoming a fully fledged, thriving and joyful community; centred on passion and meeting each other’s needs.